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Try something like this: "I watched some porn where they used dildos, and there was a lot of dirty talk, so I thought we could try sex toys and some more sexy talk if you're down."" data-reactid="67"Communicate.Communication becomes even more crucial when in a long-distance relationship, and as Singh says, that includes your dirty talk. “A lot of people don’t even vocalize what turns them on," Singh says.Once you know what excites you, you can bring those fantasies into your Skype sex to spice things up. After you've made a list of what turns you on, share it with your partner over a Skype call. "[It’s like] exercising a whole new muscle, if you will.” Bringing up your kinks can be scary, but just relax and be yourself.A list is a useful tool, as you can literally just read off of it.

Rather than open another Skype sex session lying in bed, set up your computer so your partner can watch you while you clean your apartment in a sexy outfit." data-reactid="149"Role-play. After you've revealed your fantasies to one another, it's time to act them out.They might have to wait until your next visit to experience it hands on, but tease them by using a dildo on yourself during Skype sex (feel free to keep your face out of it if you want). Have them use a vibrator on their clit and watch their orgasmic expression when the toy brings them to climax. Dare your partner to wear a butt plug throughout your entire Skype chat, or keep one in all day and message back and forth to see how they're enjoying it.With the We Connect app, if a partner with a vagina is wearing the toy, their lover can control the vibrations from their smart phone using the app, no matter how far away they are. After you've revealed your fantasies to one another, it's time to act them out.While this is a great way to mix up IRL sex, keeping a sense of humor is crucial during Skype sex, which can involve lost Wi-Fi connections and the spinning wheel of doom. Depending on where you and your partner are Skyping from, things could get blurry, connections could fade in and out, and time zones can make coordinating an online sex session annoying.This means you're going to have to be patient.

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  1. Hear their moans of ecstasy and see them squirm underneath or on top of another woman. If you have a girlfriend or a wife that you want to give a little extra something, you’re more than welcome to take notes and learn.

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