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The search for a soul-mate can be an eternal quest for many people; a constant stream of broken romances and serial dating in the hope of finding “The One”.

Love may blossom over the office water-cooler or in the meal-for-one frozen food section of your local supermarket, but for others, the perfect partner might prove harder to meet.

We offer an exclusive matchmaking and introduction agency service.

There are so many more sites out there now, it’s a lot more open.“Of course, I’d think twice about it now.

They have made a decision to come to us, they are looking for a life partner, a soul-mate.

That’s what they come to an agency for.”Jennifer based her agency on the model of the now-defunct Dublin one she previously belonged to.

If you meet someone online, you don’t know if that person is going to turn out to be psychotic, have some type of psychological disorder or a criminal background.”Two’s Company, the only dating agency in Ireland to receive accreditation from the Association of British Introduction Agencies, operates a “sophisticated and rigorous” selection procedure.

Potential clients undergo a telephone assessment first, then a face-to-face interview, which Jennifer is quick to point out is relaxed and informal.

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The main difference with Spark can be summed up in one word - quality.

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