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And what's with black males not wanting to date black women? While, of course, the sort of 60s overt racism isn't apparent any longer, you will encounter the occasional southern born local flying the Confederate Flag (and don't be surprised if he lives right next door! Also there is the yearly celebration, "Gaspirilla" (I believe that's the correct spelling), thousands of people show up, unfortunately the only black folk you'll see will be 'white folk' in black-face!!!! So, you see, nothing is overt or even intentional, just too often a certain disregard and/or plain insensitivity.The thing about Gaspirilla, is it's popularity among the white (southern) professional crowd.And with white men, I get the, "You are a great girl BUT...." The unspoken reality of BUT.Frankly, I am tired of it and would like to be in an area that would make it easier to date. The Tampa area is very diverse and while there are pockets of intolerance, it's pretty open minded.It isn't a crime thing either, simply put the housing in the black sections is old and worn.Being from a big northeastern city, you'll laugh at what they call "crime" down here.

Black professionals are far and few between, and there just isn't anyplace that 'we' gather. For example, on my second stint in Tampa (of course this was in the early 90s), other than my GF and her family, I'm not sure I spoke with another black person at any time! Of course, its 10 years later, and the last time I was down was a bit over 2 years ago, and the area has gone through some changes. The basic problem in attracting black professionals to the area is the lack of a black social life.There is no "black" night life, as you may have experienced in Pittsburgh (never been there so not sure what its like), but if you've been to NY, DC, or Atlanta, for example---Tampa has absolutely nothing to compare or offer black professionals to compete against those and other cities.The large corporations down there made a big push (doesn't look good to have no black faces on the company brochure! Additionally, as you appear to state, you are open or more open, perhaps, to dating white males. Tampa ain't Pittsburgh, or any northern city for that matter.I came down a few weeks ago, and really liked the area. One of the biggest reasons I want to move is because I have deemed myself undate-able in Pittsburgh. I am attracted to all types of men, but primarily have dated white men.I checked on rent and work, and it is very comparable to what the cost of living in Pittsburgh is. But where I live, there is still a huge stigma that goes along with that it seems.

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