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Now I find myself re-entering the dating world as a 31-year old single dad.Watching the successes and failures of my married friends’ relationships got me thinking; what exactly am I and other single dads looking for in our potential mates?

Sure, we know you think we are great at it, but we need to hear it.We don’t have time to waste in a relationship with someone who “tolerates” our kids. We don’t need you to fix anything or tell us what to do.We just need you to reassure us that everything is going to work out.This is not meant to be an all-encompassing list, nor is it meant to be a list of “must haves.” Rather, I wrote it as a selection of items which are all individually important in their own way, but not necessarily deal breakers.◊♦◊ Sure, we can be realistic and acknowledge that you probably won’t have the same connection with our children as you might have with a child you carried for nine months and then birthed yourself; at least not for a long time.

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But we want to believe that you will eventually love them as if they were your own.

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