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The filing listed the first use as December of 1932, and the trademark was issued as #318,718 on October 30, 1934.For some reason, this trademark is not in the USPTO TESS database and so was not found until recently.In any event, S-K Tools quickly developed a solid reputation for quality tools, and by the early 1940s had a significant share of the market for sockets.(As a side note, Hinsdale did recover and resumed operations; see our article Hinsdale in Hindsight for more information.) As part of the development of their line of tools, S-K had their engineer Theodore Rueb work on designs for new ratchet mechanisms.The result of this work was a landmark patent for the first fine-tooth round-head ratchet, issued as patent #1,981,526 in 1934.

During the 1920s Sherman-Klove is believed to have operated primarily as a contract manufacturer for other companies, and may have been responsible for much of the screw-machine socket production marketed by a number of companies.In 1962 S-K and Lectrolite were purchased by the Symington-Wayne Corporation, and the tools began to be marked with the "S-K Wayne" trademark by 1964.Although the primary focus for this article extends only through the 1960s, we'll mention some later events in the interest of completeness.At some point Dresser decided to introduce a Kraeuter brand of sockets and drive tools, and these were presumably made by the S-K Tools division, based on the similarities in design and construction.In 1985 S-K was purchased by FACOM, a French conglomerate, and operated as a division of that company for a number of years.

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