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Even if defendant has not waivedhis argument regarding the lack of proper cause or change of circumstances, his argument iswithout merit.

Defendant argues that there was not proper cause to revisit the custody issuebecause the only testimony that the parties’ inability to co-parent the children was affecting thechildren came from plaintiff and plaintiff’s witnesses.

The goalof MCL 722.27 is to minimize unwarranted and disruptive changes of custody orders, exceptunder the most compelling circumstances.

Foskett v Foskett, 247 Mich App 1, 6; 634 NW2d 363(2001).

The divorce judgment awarded the parties joint legal and physical custody of the minor children, with the children’s primary residence being with plaintiff.Fletcher v Fletcher, 229 Mich App 19, 29;581 NW2d 11 (1998).2.PROPER CAUSE/CHANGE OF CIRCUMSTANCES UNDER MCL 722.27(1)(c)Defendant first argues that there was not proper cause to modify the custody order.Error requiringreversal cannot be error to which the aggrieved party contributed by plan or negligence.Peoplev Gonzalez, 256 Mich App 212, 224; 663 NW2d 499 (2003).

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Atrial court may modify a custody award only if the moving party first establishes proper cause ora change in circumstances.

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