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Full profile content is available only to your matches.The service prioritizes the anonymity of its users, going as far as to include end-to-end encryption. It’s indeed pure dating, not a personality test platform or interest meetup.Jane arrived sober and let him know that she was waiting out front."We chatted for a while, then we decided to go for a walk in a park, which was mistake number one — [but] because it was well lit, I didn't think anything of it," Jane said.

Jane first found the man online and the pair became friends.

When she woke up and when she went to bed she would receive a sweet message from the man on her mobile phone."I was chatting to a really nice guy," Jane said.

After weeks of conversation and flirting on the phone, the two decided to meet at a pub on Brisbane's north.

Jane said that was part of the reason why she did not want to report her attacker to police."I didn't want that stigma of 'you probably deserved it', 'you did the stupid thing of going to meet a random guy in a car park', where it was well lit, where I thought I'd feel safe," Jane said.

Jane also said the man who attacked her might be using the sites to target others."I don't know how many other women he's done it to, and that's what the scary part is," Jane said."It breaks my heart because I hear of so many stories from Tinder dates where it all goes wrong.

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Few told anyone about the incidents and even fewer spoke to a professional about it.

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