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Following the main study, patients were given the option of recommencing medication, double blinded, up to week 52.The results from the follow up study are presented here.Participants do not need to answer questions if they do not feel comfortable answering. At each six month time point we will send participants an email with the link to the CAM Care in PD survey, a questionnaire about health and wellbeing (completed in REDCap).

The primary outcome measure was the Ashworth assessment of muscle spasticity, and the study also evaluated other MS related symptoms, disability, and safety.

Participants will be asked to complete online surveys every six months for five years.

The time requirement is about an hour to an hour and a half every six months.

Results: Intention to treat analysis of data from the 80% of patients followed up for 12 months showed evidence of a small treatment effect on muscle spasticity as measured by change in Ashworth score from baseline to 12 months (Δ-THC mean reduction 1·82 (n = 154, 95% confidence interval (CI) 0.53 to 3.12), cannabis extract 0.10 (n = 172, 95% CI −0.99 to 1.19), placebo −0.23 (n = 176, 95% CI −1.41 to 0.94); p = 0.04 unadjusted for ambulatory status and centre, p = 0.01 adjusted).

There was suggestive evidence for treatment effects of Δ-THC on some aspects of disability. Overall, patients felt that these drugs were helpful in treating their disease.

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