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‘Have sex and you’ll die’–that’s kind of their messages, rather than [sex is] a good thing but do it right for yourself and others.”“If parents and kids met in Facebook Spaces,” Laguens continues, “could they have equal or better talks with each other if they’re meeting as avatars rather than uncomfortableness?”Of course, much of Planned Parenthood forging into the tech space has been under the helm of president Cecile Richards, who announced earlier this year that she would be stepping down after serving for more than a decade.“The thing about Planned Parenthood is it’s been here for 101 years and we’ve had many great leaders.

For most organizations that have been around for more than a century, staying relevant in the lives of their consumers may present a challenge. Women fighting for autonomy over their bodies has been a persistent struggle throughout its history.“The actual idea of Planned Parenthood is that your body and your pleasure are your own–and that has been the idea of Planned Parenthood for 101 years,” says Dawn Laguens, executive vice president and chief experience officer of Planned Parenthood."Sex is part of the body and the body is part of the person.You can extract sex from the person and, therefore, because the body is part of the person, and the living creatures experience the real experience of being human.The growing industry has advanced sexual robotics using artificial intelligence to make it possible for robots to move limbs and talk.They're so lifelike, they can even fake an orgasm.

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