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Squaw Mountain Ranch Music Festival - Oregon's oldest nude resort is also home to a 23-year-old music festival, which this year will bring nine acts over four days of festivities on the 19-acre resort near Estacada.The Skinny-Dip - The American Association for Nude Recreation organizes a massive simultaneous skinny dip every year, coordinating nude swimming events with its members across the country. W., the Old Stone House in Georgetown, and certain of the Fort Circle Parks, a series of batteries and forts encircling the District of Columbia for its defense during the U. Glover and other civic leaders and in the wake of the creation of the National Zoo the preceding year.It was only the third national park established by the U.One of the biggest gatherings takes place in Portland, where some 10,000 people have come to cycle in the buff.Naked Goddess Swim - The Naked Goddess Swim invites mortal women to shed their suits and inhibitions and swim nude in the moonlight.

Rock Creek Park Horse Center, founded in 1972, is located in the middle of the park near the Nature Center.

The Act also called for regulations to "provide for the preservation from injury or spoliation of all timber, animals, or curiosities within said park, and their retention in their natural condition, as nearly as possible".), along the Rock Creek Valley.

Including the other green areas the park administers (Glover Archbold Park, Montrose Park, Dumbarton Oaks Park, Meridian Hill Park, Battery Kemble Park, Palisades Park, Whitehaven Park, etc.), it encompasses more than 2000 acres (3 mi).

Since then people have flocked to Oregon resorts, nude beaches, natural hot springs, clothing-optional spas and naked events, all for that feeling of being bare to the world.

Going nude isn't for everyone, but for the people who want to strip down and feel the sun on their skin - all of their skin - this is a great place to do it.

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Rock Creek is a popular venue for jogging, cycling, and inline skating, especially on the long, winding Beach Drive, portions of which are closed to vehicles on weekends.

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