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I am deeply fulfilled with my work and social life, so I'm not seeking a relationship to fill a void.

It's really more about meeting interesting and inspiring people who can make positive contributions to my life.

I'm currently on some dating apps, and make sure people know about my work and lifestyle before we meet in person.

Vana: My dating life has been practically nonexistent since becoming a sex worker.

I realized that was not who I wanted to be with for the rest of my life.

Dahlia: The biggest challenge is finding someone who actually wants to get to know you, for you.

It's getting really hard to distinguish who really wants to be with me and who just wants the "I got to bang a pornstar" experience. We go work, get paid, and come home just like a 9-5 worker would. We must be tested every two weeks in order to film.

Very few ever show any genuine interest in dating me.

Katarina: I was never really great at dating because I get really tired and bored of it.

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