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“Mind Games in Second Life,” a You Tube video of one of 30 modeled hallucinations, illustrates Yellowlees’ work ( He found that although the hallucinations were quite variable, the hallucinogenic voices and imagery were typically “constant and harassing,” something that is much easier to capture in Second Life’s 3-D world than in more traditional written or verbal descriptions.

Yellowlees developed the hallucination models to be used as teaching aids to help educators, the general public, and families develop a better understanding of patients’ experiences.

In fact, many residents are making money in real life from the work they are doing in Second Life. dollars for Lindens, the currency of Second Life, via currency exchange websites. In April 2007, over 34,000 unique users had a positive monthly Linden flow from selling their Second Life wares.

Within the virtual world, residents can develop land, design clothes, and build amusement parks and then charge other residents who want to buy a house, shop for clothes or visit the amusement park. The exchange rate is currently around 250 Lindens to one U. With chat and instant messaging capabilities, Second Life avatars can communicate in several ways.

Yee hypothesizes that people will conform to stereotypes of their digital bodies, in terms of gender, size, and attractiveness.

Second Life was launched to the public in June 2003.Avatars, the digital representations of human gamers, can do everything that people can do and more; they eat, sleep, buy houses, form relationships, and also fly and teleport.Recognizing that Second Life presents a wide range of possibilities for conducting research in human behavior, some psychology researchers are becoming immersed in the virtual world.To test this, Yee created avatars of varying degrees of attractiveness for subjects in the lab, and then allowed them to interact in Second Life. “Attractive avatars are friendlier, and more revealing about themselves,” he said.“And taller avatars bargain more aggressively than shorter avatars.” Peter Yellowlees, professor of psychiatry and director of academic information systems at the University of California, Davis, uses Second Life to simulate schizophrenic hallucinations.

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Researchers are discovering ways to use Second Life to study human interaction on an entirely new level.

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