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Meanwhile, how gay was this week’s episode on the gayest season of Chet and Ryan have become the pranksters of the house and start to mess around with JD using an alarm clock that sounds like a doorbell.

Then JD sees that there is a banana in the fish tank with a condom on it and he believes that it could be Chet after Chet had already commented on JD’s condom stash.

We get scene after scene of all the other boys and girls in the house talking about Chet’s pink clothes, skinny jeans (“You left your balls in the sink, man!

They’re not going to be just attracted to you ’cause you’re a dude and they’re gay. Herman absolutely meets — and exceeds — our standards.

JD comes home drunk and yells about a store clerk being an immigrant and not understanding English.

Chet gets offended by JD’s comments and starts to get in JD’s face.

It’s like Chet picked up an article about metrosexuals one day, decided it was the thing to do and then took the concept further than any self-respecting straight man ever would. Sarah’s really big on validating other people, which is always nice, but she also seems to be the only cast member interested in getting to know the other cast members as people instead of you know, figuring out what label they are. And if Dealing With It sometimes involves listening to the Jonas Brothers, or breaking down in tears in a cab with a complete stranger, or oversharing your emotions on Facebook, or signing up for a reality show, we’re okay with that. Though in his defense, he immediately says that he’s ignorant and doesn’t know what he’s talking about, which is why he’s asking.

Yeah, yeah: people should be able to express themselves whatever way they want— Sarah’s mainly been with girls and is in her first serious relationship with a dude, which, unlike Chet’s self-denial, seems totally sane and normal. This could be because she’s training to be an art therapist, but mostly we think it’s because she’s a good person. MTV’s doing a whole post-game show that’s too douchey to go into any detail here other than to mention that we see Ryan and Katelyn talk about this moment.

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