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While trying to sleep she heard Logan having a nightmare and tried to wake him.

However, in his rage, Logan stabbed her in the chest with his claws.

Scott, Jean and Storm tried to help Logan, who seemed to be unwell.

When the X-Mansion is attacked, Rogue escapes with Logan, Bobby and John.

Rogue and the other X-Men also manage to escape William Stryker who sends agents into the X-Mansion to kidnap the mutants.

Rogue touches John's skin and absorbs his powers, enabling her to calm the flames.

This scene depicts Rogue also absorbing the emotions of others unlike other scenes in the trilogy, as she seems to be grimacing while calming the destruction that Pyro has created. In the X-Jet, Rogue is thrown out of the jet, but is rescued by Nightcrawler, she thanks him.

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