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Like most American women, I’ve related to quite a few of the dating scenarios on HBO’s hit show, did before them.Since my early 20s, I’ve always thought of myself as a hybrid between Carrie and Samantha (or Khadijah and Regine, Dorothy and Blanche): creative and free spirited while at the same time unapologetically ambitious and a little flamboyant.In addition to becoming a #1 hit, Streisand’s recording “The Way We Were” went on to be one the leading signature songs of her career.This week’s indie is , a romantic comedy from 2011 directed by Whit Stillman.

While they may have attended the same college, the couple, as played by Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford, are polar opposites: Katie is a passionately committed Jewish Marxist, constantly fighting for the working class; while Hubbell, is a privileged golden boy, coasting through life on family wealth and cynically detached from the world’s troubles.Katie Girl: An unusual woman whom men don’t choose over less interesting and less difficult women.(Urban Dictionary)What do Carrie from Sex and the City, Khadijah from Living Single and Beyonce all have in common?From there Laurents created the character of Katie Morosky, weaving in other characters and incidents from his college days as well as his career in Hollywood to write an extensive treatment that was enthusiastically received by Streisand and producer Ray Stark.While there was initial discussion of Ryan O’Neal to play golden boy Hubbell Gardiner, Streisand’s off-screen relationship with O’Neal had cooled by the time casting got underway.

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Big is celebrating his engagement to Natasha, a simple, seemingly perfect straight haired woman he has chosen to marry over Carrie.

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