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Bela Gandhi, the president of Smart Dating Academy, called the study “sensational” and said it “confirms what a lot of women feel about online dating -- that it’s hopeless; it’s terrible.” “It just makes people feel really negative about their prospects of meeting somebody,” she told Moneyish.

“I think it will enable them to hibernate and shut down.” “Everybody sees the white-haired guy with the young, dark-haired girl,” she added.

George and Amal Clooney (17 years), Jay-Z and Beyoncé (12 years), Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart (22 years), Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (20 years); while relationships with an age gap upwards of a decade may still earn a raised eyebrow in some circles, there’s no denying that an older man dating a younger woman is a couple dynamic we’re all more than familiar with. We may seek something we haven’t had when growing up as a way of compensating and repairing any emotional needs that were not met.“From this theory, if you’ve had a troubled relationship with your father there may be something reparative about being with an older man who you feel is able to look after you and give you the attention you didn’t have while growing up.” kind of way, but the idea of a man who’s got their game together on the financial (and oftentimes, thus emotional) front is certainly a reassuring prospect, even if a woman’s got her own bills more than covered.

Sure, the reverse is becoming more commonplace, despite an undoubtedly biased lingering social stigma; high-profile couples such as Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (24 years), Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron (25 years),on social media is doing plenty to beat down the stigma of romances where questions like ‘And what will your daughter have? “In general, a younger woman may be attracted to a mature man precisely because they are more dependable, stable, be more emotionally mature, have more financial resources, and are better able to provide for their partner and family,” explains relationship expert “A mature man can provide a wealth of life experience as well as being more emotionally intelligent, and have a sense of stability, solidity and confidence that he may not have had in his 20s, 30s or even 40s.

In fact, the authors found that people went for partners who were about 25% more desirable than they were.

“Our results on aspirational mate pursuit are consistent with the popular concept of dating ‘leagues,’ as reflected in the idea that someone can be ‘out of your league,’ meaning that attractive matches are desirable for but unavailable to less attractive others,” they wrote.

“It’s also true that most of us have some form of unmet needs from childhood, and that some young women do seek out older men to meet these needs, just as some young men seek relationships with older women to meet theirs.”“The subconscious mind may crave a ‘father figure’ who’s able to protect, adore and provide you with the affection you missed in childhood.

“In that way a person can begin to take their own shape autonomously, and as a more integrated person, so that they’re in a much better place to have a healthy relationship.(OKCupid data has shown that black people and Asian men receive lower ratings.) Meanwhile, men in all four cities saw slightly lower response rates after sending more “positively worded” messages (based on the text-analysis program Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count [LIWC]).And “the vast majority” of both men and women tend to aim out of their league, according to the paper.“Eighteen-year-olds are fresh out of high school -- they haven’t emotionally (or) intellectually developed; they’re still trying to figure themselves out,” she said.“So they are a risk for dating, in that a lot of people change as they enter their 20s.” Also read: 5 tips for revamping your online dating profile in 2018 But in a more general sense, Kaiser noted, “we’ve always known that men have wanted younger women.” “They think that they are more easy to impress; they are more (moldable) in terms of everything from emotional behavior to what type of restaurant to eat at,” she said, adding they tend to be “more fit, have less expectations and less baggage.” Psychologist Fran Walfish, author of “The Self-Aware Parent” and co-star of WE TV’s “Sex Box,” told Moneyish she has seen “a movement and a trend back toward quality people who don’t just look good on the outside or in the bank account, but also have the substance inside to deliver the goods.” “What I’m finding is they’re learning -- they’re not going to get it all if they narrow the scope. “And I’m finding that people are beginning to say, ‘You know what?

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