Reggie bush dating jesse james

Currently, he remains the NFL player with the most endorsement deals, second only to Peyton Manning the brother of Eli Manning and Cooper Manning.

Following a flourishing college career, Bush, to the shock of many, declared himself as eligible for the NFL draft in January of 2006, forgoing his season at University of Southern California (USC).

While many athletes seem to go broke within few years of retirement, Bush has vowed never to be one of those.

In a series of social media posts, the Miami cocktail waitress revealed a day-old infant believed to bear a striking semblance with Briseis, Bush’s first daughter (with Avagyan).

With such profile in American football, one would think the father of three wouldn’t switch roles.

However, multiple endorsement deals from Adidas, General Motors, Pepsi, Pizza Hut and the Subway restaurant chain has made Bush more of a “media face” than an athlete.

Acquired in 2013; the property is valued at around .2 million dollars.

He also boasts of a fleet of exotic cars like Bentley, Chevelle, Ferrari, Plymouth, and Lamborghini.

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Exactly one year later, Bush and Avagyan welcomed their second child, a boy this time, Uriah.

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