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The next night my wife started using big rubber sheets on the bed to clean the mess that we make during love making. My wife's breasts started becoming bigger than they were before childbirth.As we again started practicing nudity after our first baby, it changed into a turn on for me whenever I see my wife breast feeding my baby.But soon the baby's stomach became full and we placed her in her cradle and continued our erotic wife breast feeding session.I told my wife to spray her milk over my dick, she positioned her boobs towards my dick and squeezed her boobs, her lovely juice hit my dick and she told me to lie on her lap and suck the rest. My one finger was having a nice time with her cunt.She said that she felt more aroused than she normally does while feeding the baby.I slowly pinched my wife's other nipple and pressed her boobs and said, "That's for me." I slowly ran my hands into her pussy and felt the wetness there and I slowly slid my fingers inside it and she moaned and said, "Honey, can you feed on the other side?

I waited patiently till we could hear what the doctor said about the date for our intercourse. But still we did not have sex as we were concentrating on our baby.

Her one hand was on my dick fondling it and the other under my head supporting it towards her boobs. When I drank half of her milk she climaxed with a sudden shiver and at that time she sprayed all her milk over me.

Meantime she made me climax with the help of her soft hands.

When she was about to finish I slowly placed my hand over her butt. Slowly I slid my hand playfully inside her satin skirt from below.

My wife turned her head and smiled at me and said, "Let me finish with the baby." Then my baby fell asleep. I feel some more is left inside me." I said, "With pleasure." She turned towards me and removed the shirt and skirt and became nude. She kissed the baby and placed her in the cradle and mean time I removed my shorts and became naked.

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