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The Rat was conceived by Scott Burnham and Steve Kiraly in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1978.

The first pedal was a custom order, but after some tweaks, the Pro Co company started producing the units commercially in 1979.

With the bass pulled back, the signal will be closer to a square-wave, while with it fully open, the response will look almost triangle-wave shaped.

Obviously, the EQ settings on your amp will also have a significant effect on the overall timbre and EQ profile of the distortion.

Like other modern RATs, it no longer uses the LM308 chip, resulting in a vastly different distortion sound.

Supposedly most modern versions use the Texas Instruments OP07DP, meaning the clipping of the diodes comes more to the fore.

Distortion: The distortion pot controls voltage gain, and thus the amount of clipping.

Rosie brilliantly confronted her partner during the episode in front all the islanders, making us all punch our fists in the air while producing TV gold at the same time.Even with hard-clipping diodes, with the original op-amp, most of the signature clipping is the op-amp.The LM308 affected the EQ too, letting sub-500Hz frequencies through, while attenuating strongly above 5k Hz or so.The mods allow for a bit more treble content, and easier-to-dial-in unity gain, rather than the RAT’s more common volume jump.It’s also based around the LM308 chip, so you’re getting a pretty close replica of the original.

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Fuzzrocious Cat King £269This Fuzzrocious is the big kahuna of RAT-inspired pedals, of course based around the correct LM308 chip.

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