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He explains, “It’s the should haves, would haves and could haves that we all have after everything settles in after a breakup.

It’s what happens when we start to contemplate all the things you wish you could have done differently.

With pop culture and politics all around, to have a transcendent house moment helps to make it all more palatable. Sometimes, we just need to dance and get it all off." “Oxford Blues” speaks to a place where we have all been before– regret.

It is a song Rahsaan started a few years ago shortly after a breakup.

From his eponymously titled debut in 1997 to his last album, bleuphoria (2011), Rahsaan Patterson’s adventurous musical palette, which fuses the worlds of R&B, funk, jazz, gospel and electronica, has continuously kept his fans on the edge of their seats.

Rahsaan Patterson’s Shanachie debut, Heroes & Gods, is as much an intimate sonic diary as it is a love letter to his fans.

Cycles of change and rebirth also tend to come in seven-year intervals.

It is only fitting that Rahsaan Patterson’s seventh album as a leader, Heroes & Gods, to be released on Shanachie Entertainment May 17, 2019, is his boldest musical gift to the world yet.

“The wisdom gained can become a source of strength to fight against what the world has to offer, which is not always positive.” One of the things that has endeared Rahsaan Patterson to critics and fans alike is his instantly recognizable voice that in its most natural state is flawless.

His wide-ranging honey-toned and velvety smooth vocals, coupled with his unrivaled agility and his superb songwriting craftsmanship make him a standout in an era of here today-gone tomorrow artists.

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“I am a fan of his not only vocally but how he could make a song his own while paying homage to it.” The first single on Heroes & Gods is the glorious “Sent From Heaven.” The brilliant horn orchestration and tasteful arrangement perfectly frame Rahsaan Patterson’s impeccable voice as he give thanks and sings, ”My days are much brighter because you’re Sent From Heaven.” The song has all the makings of an instant classic and beautifully illustrates Rahsaan’s keen abilities as a songwriter.

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