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But even people I’d barely met summoned me to their dining table, their circle of beach chairs, their water polo game, their spot at the bar or, as often seemed to be the case, their amorphous huddle on the disco dance floor, where everyone seems to dance together, without partners. It just takes us cynics a while longer to relent and go with the flow.The staff at Club Med subtly encourages vacationers to engage in a series of games and activities designed to get them to meet and mingle, whether it’s sports, a sunset cruise or nighttime live stage shows.I settled in with two dozen people, mostly from California and Vancouver, whom I met on the plane: half of them men, half women, ages 25 to 50, almost all single.

At Playa Blanca, the price tag for a shared room was 9 for a seven-night stay, including air fare, transfers, all the food I could eat, all the beer and wine I could drink (at meals), and myriad sports and activities.

The Playa Blanca village is a speck in the middle of nowhere on the Pacific Coast, about 120 miles south of Puerto Vallarta.

It is luxuriously redolent with groves of tropical plants, aloe vera and cactus.

Nothing personal, she says, smiling in the moonlight.

She’s come to Playa Blanca because she wants to let her hair down and escape the stress she’s accumulated as a medical resident in California, without any complications that she’d face back home.

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