Psoriasis dating community

Find answers to common questions and join a psoriasis community of individuals with similar experiences.

Read about some of the most popular psoriasis treatments in Inspire’s psoriasis support group and get answers to common questions.

I constantly thought to myself “How am I going to cope with this condition in the long term? ” But one day I had a realisation and it felt like a weight had been lifted.

I didn't have any other occurrences for almost 4 years. I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis seven years ago (I’m now 46). Most recently, I stopped taking stelera and am waiting for my insurance to approve taltz. The dentist told me he could only do a partial root canal due to too much bleeding and inflammation.

In preparation for this medicine change, I had a number of xrays and was just informed that I have low bone density and a compression fracture in my lower thoracic spine. He put a temporary plug in my tooth and sent me home for two weeks with a prescription of prednisone and directions to return in two weeks ...

Many of them stop to pray when receiving prayer requests for people they don’t even know, but pray for them anyway. Over the past year, my boyfriend had developed onset psoriasis. Go to the Patient Navigation Center for more information.

Dating can be a very nerve wracking experience at the best of times...psoriasis to that and it can be even more daunting.

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In my opinion, you should be having a relationship to support your great life, and not a way to cover up your pain.

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