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Included Settings: - Max Particles: 0-950 (not sure on actual maximum)I am by no means an expert on the INI settings.This is not intended to be a guide on the specifics of INI tweaking, it is merely a convenient place to change the settings.If you need clarification or specifics on certain settings, try another source.This mod isn't very polished, but I just wanted to get it out here and see if there is any interest in something like this.

BACKGROUND===============This is the first mod I have ever developed.3D Sex Villa, is the world's premier animated hardcore sex simulation cyber game for PCs.It allows you to customize and role play with the sexiest avatars, create your own porn, and have intimate or kinky videogame fun you cannot experience in any other video game anywhere! I started with some of the basic INI settings that seem to be changed fairly commonly from what I understand. These settings are all available from the MCM under "Skyrim Config".

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