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Histories of the company at the time were short, confounding, contradictory and confusing.

I have now put together a "New Short History of Reilly of London" and have come up with a Serial Number chart which will permit Reilly owners to date their guns to within at least a year, often within six months.

He had 5 doubles on his wall passed down by his father and grandfather, I believe they were: a 12ga Holland & Holland, a 12ga E. Reilly, a 16ga possibly Army-Navy, one I’m not sure of and a 20ga. I had a CJ-7 Jeep in New Delhi at that time; he had the hunting permits; and we went out often in the Falls of those three years, hunting ducks, dove and quail in the brilliant yellow mustard fields of Uttar Pradesh on the Gangetic plain. It was 6 lbs 1oz, chambered for 2 1/2; 30” Damascus barrels; twin triggers; no ejectors; with that beautifully slim upper stock and receiver back that comes with hammer guns - It was similar to the General’s E. Reilly as I remembered it; Perhaps I had imprinted on that gun?

He used his H&H; I used my Remington 870 - a pump - something he informed me one didn’t do in polite society (I countered that in Alabama we might have a dog…here he had 5 shikaris and a couple of servers cleaning the birds and making duck-curry sandwiches…different places, different solutions). But whatever It felt like a rapier, while everything else now seemed like battle-axes.

It can be read here along with the original research: ...

His final book was really a story of his life which is fascinating for the observations of society in India in the 1930's-60's.ma-express I wrote a request for information on the Maharaja of Kolhapur's site - never heard back. The drawing is the shop, manufacturing facility at 502 New Oxford Street.I will post some guns and labels separately which hopefully someone can answer. Here are two labels which have some Sanskrit writing on them which I'd much appreciate some help with. This is the label used by Reilly from 1855 after the Paris Universelle exposition to autumn 1859 when the name changed to E. The medals are the ones for the 1851 "Crystal Palace" international exposition and the 1855 Paris Exposition Universelle.By the way during my time in India I had the pleasure of meeting a large number of retired Indian generals and to listen to all sorts of history from them. The writing might be dates or numbers of some kind. It was in a case for a 4 barrel, 11 bore, muzzle loader, a pretty amazing gun. M Reilly on the rib so the label and the rib inscription don't quite match up. 12 bore; Rifle Sx S; 2 groove Percussion double express Hammer gun, muzzle loader. You are privileged to have been associated with almost the last of that rare breed of men as far as the sub-continent is concerned.It was fascinating since I'd done the same thing with their compatriots in Pakistan 10 years previous. This label was found in a case for Reilly SN 13599, which would have been numbered in late 1864: - E. I wish there is some way we could be audience to the stories you could share with us.

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