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On the topic of female characters, earlier I mentioned that choosing to play as a female protagonist, which is exclusive to is separated into two components; both of which revolve around your high school.During the day, the game functions similar to a dating sim.And what is the meaning of this eerie and disconnected time span? That is to say, if you haven’t played this game already.And if you haven’t, you really should (unless you’re short on free time, then avoid it like the plague). If it’s not “I don’t like good games” then you shouldn’t have any. Many sacrifices were made to fit the original game onto a Universal Media Disc, which can hold up to merely two gigabytes of space.On arrival, you are greeted by a pale, sickly younger boy.He informs you that, to proceed, you must sign your name to a contract, which will hold you accountable for your actions.I will not spoil anything, but it had me convinced that Junpei is actually the most mature person in this game, despite past preconceptions.

She actively participates in extra curricular activities as a dedicated member of the archery club. She is not quick to trust others, attributable to her personal family issues, and struggles in school with average grades.

The main addition to this version is the ability to play as a female protagonist, which radically changes certain elements of the game (I’ll touch on this later).

My first play through took me about 100 hours or so to complete, and I cannot even imagine doing so again from the female perspective any time soon. Anyway, despite their train running late and the strange current events, you press on to the dormitory.

Work a part-time job for money to afford items and equipment, or develop your social attributes–academics, charm, and courage.

The greater these are, the greater your social status will be, and the more friends you will have.

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