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TVGuide.com: It wasn't because the donuts were that tempting? My shoulders are just shot, so I figured I might as well at least get a donut for bowing out.

In addition to Ozzy’s 120 days and Boston Rob’s 117 days, Rupert has played 104.5 days, and Cirie has played 101 days and counting.

or whether because legitimately I was his buddy and now I was gone.

Either way, I'm grateful that he showed some emotion.

We should have gone out of our way to make sure that was something that was completely private. " What was your strategy going into until right before I made it on the show, so I didn't have the luxury of having a big history of following other people's strategies and deciding what does and doesn't work. It wasn't that I was going to hang back and watch everyone else do what they wanted to do and react, more like I was going to take it minute by minute and go from there." Do you think that the Savaii tribe is underestimating Cochran's potential? But I just have a feeling that he's not harmless and that we as a group did not give him enough credit where credit is due, just based on things he would interject when we spoke about the game." What were your thoughts on Jim after seeing the episode where you were eliminated?While Sandra was ultimately voted out, Tai raised the idea to her and Jeff Varner of voting out Ozzy due to him being a huge physical threat.Ozzy’s alliance-mates may be more on his side for the time being, but the merge is fast approaching."My thoughts on Jim have pretty much always been the same - you meet him and it looks like he wants to sell you a used car. He told us he was a high school science teacher and I feel like I probably should have questioned it when he couldn't tell me the boiling point of water one day. "I think of him as a slimy guy and when he and I, at the earliest opportunity, sort of nudged elbows and said we had each other's back and wink wink, we both knew that was kind of a load of bologna and at the first opportunity, we would probably turn on each other.Jim just happened to beat me to the punch, but if he hadn't done some scheming against me, I would have done it for him." What did you make of Ozzy's reaction? "I honestly look for the best in people, that's in my nature.

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