Outlook gal not updating in cached mode

You should user online mode when users have no persistent storage to which they can store their OST, such as VDI scenarios or on devices with limited storage capacity, such as tablets.You may also use online mode for extremely large mailboxes to improve overall performance, or where you do not want to risk having a local copy of the OST for compliance or other reasons.As a rule of thumb, I consider 100 milliseconds to be the maximum latency for online mode.If you are seeing client connections to the CAS server go over that consistently, you might want to switch to cached mode.

This means that when you are using an Exchange account, you will need to enable Cached Exchange Mode (CEM) for them to work.You should use cached mode anytime a user must access their mail without network connectivity, such as users who travel.You should also use it for any users in an office with intermittent network connectivity, or whose network latency between client and server is typically high, like those with satellite or radio-based connectivity.Cached mode clients also keep a local copy of the GAL, called the Offline Global Address Book, to perform faster lookups for recipients in the organization.Running in cached mode, a user can still access mail even when the network connection to Exchange is down, such as when they are on an airplane or the WAN is down.

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