Outlook 2016 calendar tracking not updating

While you might think that using an Exchange server would create a hidden connection between the recipient's and organizer's calendar and update the meeting, it doesn't work that way.Outlook needs the response message returned before it can update the message.This is not a perfect solution and I know of at least one issue: if someone accepts or declines the meeting after you delete the update, meeting tracking wont be updated. This method will work for all new meetings or to delete meetings when you don't want to send the cancellation notice.

If Outlook wants to send an update and the only change was notes, make sure you have the latest updates for your version of Outlook then try this: Save the changes using Ctrl S or the Save icon , then click the X to close. If you are changing the time to add travel or preparation time, I highly recommend creating an appointment for the extra time instead. However, there is a way to trick Outlook into thinking the update was sent: set Outlook offline before sending the update, then open the Outbox and delete the update before going back online.In order for this feature to work, invitees must choose to send a response when responding to the meeting. Open your calendar in outlook and double-click the meeting you wish to track. Click the drop-down arow under "Tracking" from the menu and select "View Tracking Status." 3.The tracking window lists all invitees, their role in the meeting (Organizer, Required Attendee, Optional Attendee, etc...), and their response status.So I have a user whose assistant manages her calendar.When her assistant makes a change or adds anything to her calendar it doesnt show up on hers unless she closes outlook and reopens it.

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