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Online dating is now a very popular way to meet a partner. At first I disregard his messages but he continued to send message. We introduced ourselves to one another and we became friends. He told me there is a lot of crime and a lot of robbery there. He would tell me he needed money to chat with him in the Internet caf. After about 8 months, Ludivena told me she had not given me her real name, or real picture. The original author of this story is not named but she really did do this.& e Harmony are very popular dating web sites and claim that 1 of every 5 marriage (in Western world? But on thing that goes unsaid is the amount of scams that happen on these sites. Below are examples of face profile pictures that these con artists use to lure you in. I was in the middle of chatting w my cousin who is in other country, when a message from a complete stranger pops up on YM. We shared a lot of stories about family, life and everyday life. She told me that she had done it all initially to get money, but now she wanted to get serious about me. I may post the original (and change the names) for now you get a simulation of a REAL event..In fact I asked him some time ago if he was sure that he will not want to include a next of kin in our record and he told me that none of his relative is aware of the account and he wish that it remain so. Therefore, nineteen million five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars is still lying in my bank and no one will ever come forward to claim it.However, according to the laws of my country at the expiration of six years the funds will revert to the ownership of the Hong Kong Government if nobody applies to claim the funds. I was shocked to find a FLOOD of scammers, con artists, sex shows, liars, and desperate single mothers begging for money on that site. We started to talk to her and I was immediately amazed by her.

Tragically our relationship feel about due to communication issues.

He told me that the country is so poor that it has very little jobs and opportunity. As time went on everyday talking to him, I had the feeling that he is more than my friend. He was so special in my life that I felt I would do everything he said. He ask for a little amount and I would find a way to give it to him cause I was so in love. We were like a couple and we enjoyed every moment we had together on the web cam. Five days before the trip, I sent him money to get a plane ticket. I waiting in the airport thinking maybe the flight was delayed from India to going here. Onetime I catch him online but he did not responding my email. I just have a problem about people being ungrateful, liars, and being selfish. Sometimes I would even give scammers a chance to tell me the truth and just give them money, usually they dont trust me so they keep lying, then I dont give them money. the real ludivina yasay is a lady that scammed me lol.

At the time, he was my the most special love since and I became so attached to him. I would fly from Cebu City in the Philippines and he would fly from India. But when I arrive in manila, I waited for him the whole day. I checked the hotel we booked, I went to the caf to check if he is online but he dont get online anymore. I make a good living and I actually enjoy helping others. The following is a real event that has been re-written from the original for clarity with names changed to protect those who were willing to come forward…

While I was trying to unsuccessfully get jobs each day, they were getting paid from some guys online. The scam artist can do NOTHING without the full belief, faith and resources of the victim. If we remove the victim the scammer dies of starvation. From The Victims Perspective More important than the loss of money and time, you lost your hope in a dream of being with someone you thought you could finally connect with. You took a risk with your heart and allowed yourself to believe in love. Anyone tell will just think I am a fool for giving money to a stranger online. These are the emotions of a victim of the romance scam. Dear Friend, Thank you so much for your response to my email.

Filipino Heart Scam Ring I found out my friend was involved in the same people I had seen in the Internet cafe. She told me that they would find guys from the United States on dating sites. love” After a short time, he started to trust me so we were starting to speak like friends. When I mention I am in trouble, he offered to send me money. Falling in Love & telling the truth Everytime I mention my troubles, he offered money. But you found out your love was for a false profile and a false identity created by a desperate person who is in a third world country on the other side of the world. I was only trying to love, but instead I got betrayed by greedy, selfish people that only care for themselves. e Harmony, and other online dating sites claim to be the cause of 1 out of every 5 relationships. It is only natural that you be a bit apprehensive haven received such a mail from somebody that you barely know.

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They used a fake profile on Filipino cupid, flirt with these men, start a relationship, then get money. When I mention to him that my family does not have enough to eat he is concerned for me.. After a while we started getting closer and closer and he is giving me more and more money. I just gained his trust and he offered when I said I am in trouble. I believe it, but what goes unsaid is the larger percentage of scams there are on these sites. Therefore I would want to start by properly intimating you of who I really am.

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