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Read more: Conversation confidence review – is Eduard Ezeanu’s book useful?The lack of creativity in teenagers and students is also another one of negative effects of Internet rooting from its benefits.It is never easier for haters to give ugly words toward a person.

The idea of taking face to face is becoming a tough decision.

Research issued in the International Journal of Organizational Design and Engineering has stated that the face to face communication in teamwork helps people build mutual trust, creative and provide a higher result.

To know more information, please click at: How 20 Interpersonal communication skills, activities, and strategies When teenagers and students and tend to choose Internet communication and avoid talking directly, their personal relationships with friends and family will be affected.

There is definitely no doubt about the benefits provided by the use of Internet in daily life.

According to the study by Stephen Siwek businesses that are related directly to the Internet created approximate 6 billion in 2019 for the US economy.

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Therefore, it is important to be aware of these negative effects of Internet in advance.

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