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Survey questions were mostly answered online; some follow-up surveys were conducted by phone.

Panelists who did not have internet access at home were given an internet access device (Web TV).

Huge opportunities but also huge risks to be pranked. Advantage is on the women side - sadly but the risk for men are higher.

Pro is definitely the high range of user but the same time a contra.

This is rare, but I’ve seen frugality zealots get together and save money like nobody’s business. You’re always out and about trying to meet someone new. My buddy and I literally went out almost every single night. Conversely, you might see some attractive female with an ugly walrus. It’s not that nice guys finish last, it’s just that everyone on this planet wants what they can’t have. My friend used to love online dating because he had his own business and worked long hours.

You’re hoping that your partner pitches in sometimes, but for the most part, the onus is on you to pay. Even if you stop for a quick bite to eat, you have to think about your partner and if they’re hungry or not. Bad if you’re cheap or a personal finance blogger that tracks their spending. You can save money with a partner if you have similar values on finances. Thankfully, I had a job and was making money through blogging. Because she’s attracted to his confidence, attitude, or something else. You can’t try to be logical or to force someone to like you. I used to mock online dating until I met a buddy that sold me on it.

being single or dating is that the things you invest money in (dinners, vacations, house stuff, etc.) are an investment that will grow something that will last (like memories when you’re older).

If you enjoy hanging out at home with your girlfriend every single day, then being taken will be better for your wallet. You see a beautiful girl on the street and you fall in love. By the time she logged in for her second appearance, her inbox was flooded. I suggest that if you want to try online dating that you join one of the sites that charge a premium rate and take the time to ask you more about your personality. I find it absolutely hilarious when personal finance writers debate whether they would date someone in debt.

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Good if you love your partner and don’t mind spending the money. In 2010, I spent a fortune on going out all summer.

Personally, it all depends on what my situation at the time is. There have been times where I was studying and working full-time, with blogging thrown in there. Then there were summers where going out and working out felt like my job.

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