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We provide you with tools that make data more meaningful, robust and fruitful.Match & Append Database Services Match & Append Services link the nation's largest property and ownership databases with the largest network of field researchers, data analysts, and real estate experts to provide a wide range of data enhancement and business process services.This led us to pioneering “linkable data” – connecting unrelated pieces of information to produce a new generation of algorithmic analytics and predictive modeling.In the world of data collection, order is everything.This translates to a greater ability to overlay information that produces potent business insights such as: The world of market research relies on these two vital information categories to gain effective insights.At Core Logic, we bring you both by providing the most comprehensive database coverage in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom.

With analytics, you can pinpoint underlying performance flaws and project future scenarios, both in complex mortgage portfolios and mortgage-backed securities.Our databases are also dynamically updated 24/7/365, continuously receiving and applying new information as it becomes available to provide you with timely information.Data must make sense, fit your needs and meet specific regulatory standards.Realist Realist seamlessly integrates our public-record database with any web-based multiple listing service (MLS) system, providing MLS users with practical and insightful information.Marketrac Marketrac provides lenders, title companies and builders with an interactive, robust means to measure competitive market share and volumes by geographic area, transaction and loan type.

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