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Luckily, this experience convinced Eric he was wasting his life and intellect.

His criminal behavior ended and, always a good student, he redoubled his efforts and became the best student in his high school and one of the best in the city.

He is two years younger than his only sibling, his brother Marcus Foreman.

Foreman‘s parents were very religious (and his father remains so), and raised Eric and Marcus in their faith.

Foreman revealed that he was very heavy when he was young, but as he entered adolescence, he grew very quickly and his weight was no longer a problem once he became a teenager.

During the Season 6 Episode, "Moving the Chains", It is revealed that Eric once wet the bed while spending the night over at a friend named Bobby Sampson.

The flick hit theaters in 2000, making .5 million at the domestic box office.

While its haul was not huge, PHOTOS: 30 Most Romantic Movies of All Time Lathan shared a shot from the event on her Instagram account, writing, “Play you for your heart? 15 year anniversary of #LOVEANDBASKETBALL.” She went on to post a shot of herself as a young woman in the movie, writing, “Now that’s a throwback.

By Season 4, he was the obvious choice to act as House’s stand-in when House was otherwise occupied.Omar Epps showed his creativity from an early age, writing poetry, songs and short stories at the age of ten. La Guardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts.Omar Epps was nominated for many awards and won several.House uses this fact to embarrass Eric in front of the rest of the team.At the age of 14, Eric, with the help of Marcus, stole a car and was quickly pulled over by the police. After driving home in silence, as they arrived Alicia simply said to her sons “I'll pray for you” without even turning around before going inside.

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He considers himself the senior supervising fellow on the team, but Robert Chase is always ready to challenge his standing, and House does everything he can to undermine any authority Foreman may have.

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