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So, he’s pretty cool and, as cable news shows go, his is one of the more entertaining ones.That being said, it’s also one of the more informative, since he spends more time reporting the news and less time pontificating about it…and when he does throw in his two to five cents, I usually agree with him.It hurts feelings, engenders anger and mistrust and tends to scare away potential future dates, who fear our private lives may end up in this public forum.

Last week, when she started pushing her new book, , on the circuit, her nasty attacks on these women created a public outcry (and probably a spike in the sales of her book.) Of all the people who commented on Coulter’s malevolent rants, my favorite was a brief segment about her on “No matter what your political orientation is, if you don’t stick up for freedom of all opinion, eventually the wheel will turn, you’ll be the minority and you’ll have written the rules by which you yourself are squashed.” You can’t really argue with that…well you could, but I wouldn’t agree with you.

Apparently denouncing Bush was an important part of their closure process.” ) “These broads are millionaires lionized on TV and in articles about them reveling in their status as celebrities and stalked by “grief-arazzis.” I’ve never seen people enjoying their husbands’ death so much.” ANN COULTER: Yes. COULTER: …To speak out using the fact that they’re widows. If they have a point to make about the 9/11 Commission—about how to fight the war on terrorism—how about sending somebody we’re allowed to respond to? LAUER: But is your message to them, “Just grieve” …?

No, no we always have to respond to someone who just had a family member die… LAUER: …And by the way, they also criticized the Clinton administration for their failures leading up to 9/11. COULTER: No, no they were cutting commercials for Kerry.

She suggests that these women should leave it to the journalists and the politicians, as their status as widows doesn’t make them qualified to speak on such important topics as National Security.

What Coulter fails to acknowledge is that their status as citizens of this nation qualify them…or at least gives them the right and some may argue the responsibility to stand up for their beliefs…just as both Coulter and I have the right to disagree with them or with each other because we’re citizens too.

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