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The majority of workers said they were open about their relationships, while 37 percent said they kept their involvement secret.

One other enticing statistic: 7 percent of those polled said there was currently someone at the office they would like to date.

It is only natural that people who work together get to know each other very well and find common interests over the time that they spend together on the job, which can lead to the potential for romance. Attempting to do so will likely do little to prevent employees dating and having relationships but will almost certainly lead to them keeping their relationships secret for fear of losing their jobs or otherwise being penalized.You learn about your coworkers’ interests, observe their reactions to a variety of situations, and often spend time talking about life both inside and outside of work.And all of this learning about one another closely mimics the courtship process, inevitably resulting in new romantic relationships in many cases.I was a reporter in the New York bureau of a PBS news show, while he was doing graphic design for the local station, WNET.We weren’t exactly colleagues, but we went to work in the same building every day. The other data that skews my perception: Forbes has spawned quite a number of romances, including the late, great editor of the magazine, James Michaels, and his wife, Jean Briggs. (Vault’s sample was smaller, just 2,083.) Career Builder also asked about dating across responsibility levels.

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Of those who dated at work, Career Builder found that, like the Obamas, 31 percent said their office romances wound up leading to marriage. Twenty-eight percent of those who had dated a colleague said they went out with someone above them on the company ladder and 18 percent said they had dated their boss.

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