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They were also placed with the observing, or input, side facing the player.

Note: the "arrow" texture on the top/bottom of the observer was pointing the wrong direction (towards the input, rather than the output).

Because observers in Java Edition detect changes in the block state, and not block updates, they can detect a wider range of phenomena than a block update detector (BUD) circuit in Java Edition can detect (as some block state changes don't cause block updates).

Observers in Bedrock Edition do detect block updates but not block state changes, and so they detect the exact same things that any other BUD would detect in that edition. When first added, the observers acted as a block update detector, and would emit pulses that lasted 1 game tick (0.5 redstone ticks) and had a signal strength of 1.

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When this happens, an observer emits a pulse after being pushed or pulled, but not beforehand.

Though they block light, observers behave as transparent blocks do in one sense: they cannot be powered by an external power source, nor power themselves with their own output.

In the Java Edition, the pulse is emitted with a delay of 1 redstone tick.

An observer is placed similarly to a piston, and will observe the block that it is placed against.

The texture of the detecting side is that of an observing face.

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