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This makes me suspicious, because it's not the normal failure mode. When English goes bad it tends to lose internal structures of meaning, and to muddle sequences, hierarchies, and relationships, until you literally can't tell what's going on.But the better sort of Nigerian scam letters don't muddle the parts that matter.Your esteem address was received through a valued friend in my neighborhood who told me to contact you in handling this business. KOFFI OPOKUWARE the eldest son of the late KING OPOKUWARE of Ashanti Kingdom whose demise occurred following a brief illness. Purity : 22.5 Carat or 95% As a result of polygamous family, there has been a dead lock over the issue of division of my father's property between members of my family and community as a whole.Before his death, I was authorized and officially known as the next successor and beneficiary of my father's property according to African Traditional Rite. In conjunction with this, the throne which is only left for me as the eldest man in the family is being battled by the members of the twenty-one hamlet that made up of Ashanti Kingdom.They want you to understand what they're getting at.I believe the surface errors are there for two reasons.One is to make native English-speakers feel a bit superior and self-assured, and disguise the fact that the people they're dealing with are smart, predatory con artists.The other is to put the reader in a more receptive frame of mind.

Now, the instability of government of the third-world nations, and political crisis which has been the order of the day in West African States.Most of my father's wealth includes Gold and Diamond worth the following qualities.(1) 99kg alluvial gold dust Best quality GEM/Servce 100 (2) 22 karat Quantity 3000 S.Upon receipt of your acknowledgment mail I shall send you the contact of the security company as well as our telephone number. Teresa Nielsen Hayden sends along her editorial views on the letter she received above.I'm fairly sure the authors of the best of these Nigerian scam letters have a much better grasp of English than you'd guess from a quick read.

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