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The private cloud may disappear as an independent unit, but it will remain part of the hybrid IT infrastructure.As noted in Gartner, 72% of companies in the world use a hybrid strategy. According to analysts from Market Research, the market for cloud object storage systems will reach six billion dollars by 2023.That is why the need for in-house specialists engaged in its maintenance, gradually disappears.The Iaa S provider takes on many issues related to the management and administration of the infrastructure, and the specialists need only ensure that everything is set up correctly.Most of the IT infrastructure administration tasks are now on Iaa S and Iaa S providers are now the ones who need and are actively fighting for such specialists.Even when you do use third-party solution, that is what happens sometimes: When customers start using for the first time, they can see the set-up and configuration of their Amazon Redshift cluster in the context of their queries and workflows.

These people study the cloud ecosystem, analyze the trends and evaluate how the transfer of an application to the cloud will affect the company’s work.In this case, the client receives a virtual environment prepared for working with blockchain technology.Users can create their own applications on the blockchain (for example, for processing financial transactions) and run them in a secure virtual environment.Cisco said after three years 73% of the company’s applications will move to the public cloud, while just a year ago this figure was around 50%.Such a shift is partly caused by cloud providers, who offer users of public clouds more and more features that simplify the development of services.

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