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The effort centers on a transition from time-based to merit-based policies and practices. Dailey sought to change the Army's centralized section board process, Purcell said.

Further, the change ensures that the best-qualified Soldier will be the first one eligible for promotion, Purcell said. "This change now truly rewards the most qualified Soldiers who are seeking advancement instead of simply promoting people based on seniority," Dailey said.

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After the Army selected a Soldier for promotion, HRC would assign them a promotion-sequence number.

Reductions or changes to the Army's force structure would result in a surplus of promotable Soldiers, Purcell added.

Under the current system, if a Soldier was in good standing and identified as promotable -- annotated by a "P" status from HRC -- the force was required to promote.

The force would determine this number by a Soldier's seniority -- their time in grade, time in service, and date of birth, Purcell said. 400 out of 500, based on time and grade -- that's not rewarding and recognizing talent," he said.

The transition to a new promotion system starts this fiscal year, with the master sergeant promotion board, he added, by changing how sequence numbers are informed by OML standings.

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