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Edit: I really recommend This, of course, applied to men as well as women and started from a relatively young age (early teens).

While such activities were acceptable in Cherokee society early on, it was a common complaint among the Euro-American missionaries that were trying to establish schools in the area.

Sexual encounters would, indeed, occur in the beanfields and other places of a relatively private nature (Purdue).

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If she chose to marry him, she cooked the deer meat and offered it to him.

But, as Snorri said, there was usually no mechanism of punishing either party if they went outside the marriage, except divorce which was readily available for either partner (though women were said to fight more fiercely if some extraneous lover tried to steal her husband away).

While some marriages lasted lifetimes, others lasted only weeks.

While sex in the fields certainly occurred from time to time, it wasn't a proper place for such activities as it made the future use of the fields and the consumption of the crops "problematic," to use Purdue's word.

Purdue cites the "pollutiing" influence of semen (and bodily fluids in general) as the reason for this.

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Whether their Southern Iroquoian cousins shared this tradition once upon a time, I can't say.

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