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In reality, "BRB" meant one of three things – you needed a pee, you were about to be lectured by your mum for spending too much time on the computer, or you were done with that conversation and looking for an easy way out.

"Be right back" wasn't the only text shortcut that became a muscle memory reflex in the Messenger days. POSSESSING THE ABILITY TO "APPEAR OFFLINE" Sod James Bond, I'm the real secret agent here, I'm actually online, but no-one knows it – mwahaha.

"The upgrade process itself has been going really well, we've had millions of customers move over," says Skype's Parri Munsell.

Doing the rounds under their far more formal name of emoticons, they quickly formed the bulk of your conversations and statuses, often transforming entire lines of chat into unintelligible hieroglyphics the Ancient Egyptians would have been proud of.Believing someone was offline only to find out they'd just been chatting to your bezzie meant just one thing – you'd been blocked. Being able to see when someone was typing a message filled you with an excitement unparalleled to this day. THE HORROR WHEN THAT "TYPING" MESSAGE NEVER ARRIVED Being able to see when someone was typing something to you wan't all sunshine and lollipops though. Once installed, realising all of your Messenger mates were in the same class kind of defeated the point, but your name is still being talked about around the school to this day.While checking with a mate to see if a suspected blocker was actually online was embarrassing enough sign of self-indulgent paranoia, it had nothing on being added to a group chat with someone you'd just blocked. BEING ABLE TO SEE WHEN YOUR CRUSH WAS TYPING SOMETHING TO YOU O. Sure, Whats App and Facebook do the same now, but it's not the same dammit. Mostly by teachers discussing the biggest pricks they ever taught mind. PLAYING MINESWEEPER FLAGS LIKE YOU WERE A CALL OF DUTY SNIPER Not only did MSN Messenger precede the likes of Whats App and Facebook Messenger by a good decade, its heyday was firmly in the pre-broadband era."On products like Xbox, we'll make announcements at a later date when we have dates to actually announce to customers." The software maker has also notified third parties about its plans to retire the entire Messenger service."They do have end of life dates that we've given them privately," says Munsell.

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Microsoft is pre-caching the Skype installer to existing machines to allow users to simply accept the notification and switch over to Skype, while the installer removes Windows Live Messenger.

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