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This features is similar to the security scopes feature in System Center Configuration Manager.For more information, see Use RBAC and scope tags to for distributed IT.On Windows 10 and newer devices, you can create administrative templates to configure group policy settings in Intune.In this update, you can configure settings that apply to Microsoft Edge version 77 and newer.The new format for the rows in the CSV looks like this: serial-number, windows-product-id, hardware-hash, optional-group-tag, optional-assigned-user.For more information, see Enroll Windows devices in Intune by using the Windows Autopilot.The Default scope tag is added to all existing role assignments to maintain parity with the admin experience today.If you don't want an admin to see Intune objects with the default scope tag, remove the default scope tag from the role assignment.

Intune now supports install and use of multiple Microsoft Intune Certificate Connectors for PKCS operations.

In Intune, you can create device configuration profiles, and apply settings to Android Enterprise devices using OEMConfig (Device configuration OEMConfig for profile type).

In this update, Zebra Technologies is a supported original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for OEMConfig.

You can now add a user column to the CSV upload for Autopilot devices.

This lets you bulk assign users at the time you import the CSV.

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You can categorize Microsoft Store for Business apps. For more information, see Send custom notifications in Intune.

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