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Not including the US Open, Zach Johnson won the 2007 Masters Tournament with 1.The related links lists the top prize winners from many of the different countries that have the Deal or No Deal programs The USA Winners winners were: Jessica Robinson September 1, 2008 Tomorrow Rodriguez October 29, 2008 The FA Prize Fund {| |- | Round Payments 08-09 Last Season Extra Preliminary Round winners (203) £750 £500 Preliminary Round winners (166) £1,500 £1,000 First Round Qualifying winners (116) £3,000 £2,250 Second Round Qualifying winners (80) £4,500 £3,750 Third Round Qualifying winners (40) £7,500 £5,000 Fourth Round Qualifying winners (32) £12,500 £10,000 First Round Proper winners (40) £20,000 £16,000 Second Round Proper winners (20) £30,000 £24,000 Third Round Proper winners (32) £75,000 £40,000 Fourth…

Top 12Snejana "Snow" Urbin- Thirteen years later I am still not over this, but I digress.

Many winners of the US Open have shot over par because the par is usually set at 70.

Justin Rose won the 2013 US Open with 1, and before that, Webb Simpson won the 2012 US Open with 1.

It seems she choreographed for DWTS and DWTS Panama as well as was in Shakira's music video for Hips Don't Lie.

In addition to a few minor film credits, she was in Burn the Floor and competing in (and winning) ballroom competitions as recently as 2017.

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She has a few IMBD credits and is on the faculty of Impact Dance Studio in Staten Island where it says she has worked with a bunch of musical artists as well.

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