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Pausing for a moment, Chat inspected the area before finding his partner standing on a tall pile of wooden crates.

"It's clear, we should be good."Ladybug nodded before pulling out her yo-yo, flinging it high into the air.

Chat watched the familiar scene attentively, arms crossed as a tiny box of red matches fell into her hand.

Raising an eyebrow, he turned to the young woman."You taking up smoking, Ladybug?

More stone than man, the akuma looked like a humanized boulder.

Covered in pebbles from back to front, its spine was protruding from between its gray ears.

Its legs and arms were muscular and blocky, an ideal combination for smashing through walls."Miraculous....perish…" it growled, swinging its arms towards Chat, who avoided it easily.

Though powerful, being made of stone was lumbering."" Chat teased as he dodged another swing, landing a kick in the golem's face. "The conversation almost cost Chat a punch to the gut, but luckily his reflexes were faster and he was able to redirect the monster into a tower of crates.

The days of him using terms of affection such as "My Lady" had ended when he started dating seriously in his real life.

Outside the sounds of dogs barking and late night taxis driving sleepy tourists back to hotels tore through the night.

In the distance, he could also hear sirens of the Paris police chasing criminals who hopefully didn't come with magical powers.

" Ladybug screamed and flung herself towards him as the sirens rang out in the warehouse, quickly releasing water from the sprinklers above. The sprinklers had weakened it, though now the monster was less like a compacted boulder with arms and more a large, sticky, amorphous pile of cement.

The water hitting the stone monster in the face, pushing him off the picker to land heavily on the ground below. "I need to find his can purify the akuma..we can go home…""Chat, stop! With another howl, it launched itself towards Ladybug, taking hold of her in its gooey grip."Ladybug!

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The best he could get from her was that they were both the same age and maybe classmates at one time.

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