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They have since founded Sherwood Pictures, a production company dedicated to bringing Christian life-change to moviegoers all over the world.Their last film, Facing the Giants (2006), has been called “the surprise theatrical hit of 2007” and drew positive feedback from viewers in the ministry and secular film industry alike.Truth or Dare – the timeless game that can be simultaneously fun and terrifying. Reason – People often collect quirky things so what and the extent of their collection can be eye opening.It’s a game to make you squirm, a game to make you laugh and, more importantly, a game that can teach you an awful lot about another person (and yourself! That’s why we think it’s the perfect game to play with your other half. Reason – Whether it’s a soppy song or a TV show, we all have guilty pleasures. Whoever they are, you’ll find he probably takes after them in some way and aspires to be like them.12. Reason – Whether he wants to visit somewhere full of history and culture or sun, sea and fun can tell you a lot about what type of guy he is inside.13. Reason – As well as telling you if he sees himself as an action hero or the romantic type, this tells you what types of setting he sees himself in. It’s not something people often share either so you may find yourself surprised.15. Reason – Our favourite animals are often a reflection of ourselves. Wear all your clothes inside out for the rest of the day.Reason – It shows his level of embarrassment tolerance and once again gives you a lot of laughs.18.

With divorce threatening and his motivation waning, Caleb seeks advice from his father, whose newly birthed faith in Christ leads him to offer Caleb a Love Dare.It may not be anything out of the ordinary but at least you’ll get a great view for the rest of the game.17. Walk up to a stranger and ask them to tie your shoe laces. Now that all three papers are attached, set the Jenga piece aside and repeat for the remaining pieces.Once all of the papers have been Mod Podged to the Jenga pieces it is time to put a finishing coat on them to make sure that the games can stand up to MANY couples game nights to come!!

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