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In 1891 Grand Duke Segai orders the expulsion of 14,000 Jewish families living in Moscow.He was a Hebrew (Haibru) who was to be the father of a nation who would serve God.Since Israel has no incentives to help them and cannot be expected to be anything but suspicious of them, they are in dire straits.Dome of The Rock (681-692) and the Al-Aqsa Mosque (715).

13 high priests served in this portable temple over 490 years.The second temple was destroyed by the Romans on 10 August 70 AD (9th of Av) three weeks after the walls of Jerusalem were breached by Titus on Tammuz 17.The Holy Roman empire orders crusades to liberate Jerusalem.After the sixth crusade Muslims retained the Temple Mount and Christians have access to their holy sites.Now they remain in refugee camps in the neighboring states without rights or opportunities or education for the past 60 years.

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Thousands immigrate from Yemen with Operation Magic Carpet.

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