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If you're interested in retiring in Peru, and don't know how to meet local women, this article is a good place to start.

If you couldn’t get through all that, here’s more or less how I’ve ranked ‘em 1) Colombia2) Peru3) Panama4) Mexico5) Costa Rica Ironically, this reads in reverse of what most expat sites recommend, but again, they’re just personal observations.

Today I Googled the words “best places for a single man to retire in Latin America.” Not because I’m retired – I haven’t even started a career yet – but because I’ve talked to a lot of travelling old timers who were divorced or whose spouses had passed on (I'm always grateful to talk with the older guys, the wisdom they pass down is often invaluable) and I wanted to see if their knowledge lined up with what’s online. Oh well, guess that’s why I’m here (in blissful obscurity).

I scrolled through a number of websites full of political correctness about places with low costs of living, beaches, other expats and good Internet connections, but not one said, “right, if you want to get pussy in Latin America as an old guy, here’s where to do it.” I get it – such phrases don’t go over too well on Huffington Post or International Living, but I at least figured such 'reputable' outlets would do better than just copy and pasting one another’s findings.

I’ll start with a country that has always been an expat favourite: Mexico.

So, is Mexico the place to hit up if you’re single, retired and want to find a woman? On paper, Mexico looks great for a retired dude: low cost of living, plenty of gringos, good food etc., but for trying to find a woman, it’s not perfect.

Brazil Cupid is one of the most popular Latin Dating sites on the Cupid dating network.

Welcome to our reviews of the Best Latin Dating Websites of 2019 (also known as Hispanic Dating Sites).

The following is by no means scientific; I’m basing my data off nothing more than conversations with expats and some personal observations.

Take it or leave it, but if you take it, do so with a grain of salt.

Unless of course his wife died, then obviously he'll be cut some slack. It’s quite liberal, so you will run into women that have been divorced and who may have a good heart and be open to a relationship with a retired feller.

That being said, the divorce rate here is slightly higher than in other Latin America countries, so you could potentially find a divorcee to fill the void. Also, there are a lot of expats here, some of whom are single White women (SWW! However, when it comes to Costa Ricans, as a man over 50, I’d steer altogether clear of the younger, prettier ones.

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