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Further , the worst suffering of Asian kids is that their parents wake up the entire household with loud noises by turning the TV on or by sound of vaccuming . Western people vouch that Asians , no matter how they learn , are not good at speaking and using English .They think that the Asian countrymen are incapable of handling the language in its prestige .But it does not necessarily mean that they a very good mathematical knowledge , on an absolute scale .

But then , it is not true that Asians do not entirely play even a bit !Mommies are , in particular portrayed as complaining while fathers are believed to be the monopolist and dictator-like , whose will shall be final and binding.The Asian parents are not assumed to be liberal about letting their kids go partying with friends .The Chinese , Japanese and the Koreans are pointed to speak the language using very unnecessarily short and soft words .The Western World believes that Asians miss the style of English speaking.

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The Arabs are believed to be the billionaires, who own cars plated with gold and studded with diamonds , owning large oil refineries and massive land shares that have huge potential to be oil wells, and that’s all is the secret of their wealth .

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