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Renpei Kondo, Baron : President of the Nippon Yusen Kweiisha. 178 Gold and silversmiths work for religious or common uses .

Buei Nakano : Chairman of the Council of the City of Tokyo ; President of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce. Administrative system regarding forests 127 CHAPTER VIII FISHERY I. m gold, silver, cloisonne, bronze or other metals 1 78 Jewelry 1 82 Brushes, fine leather articles, fancy articles, basket work and various articles in lacquer and ivory work 1 84 Trunks, valises, dressing and traveling cases ...

The President controls and decides the business of the office, superintends the staff of the office, and exercises his power in appointing or removing officials below the rank of ' Hannin-Kwan.' The Vice-President, under direction of the President, presides over all business dealing with the Imperial Commission and acts for the President, should the latter be prevented by unavoidable circumstances from conducting his business. The special director controls the regular business of the Society. The Society appoints two managers, several clerks, and investigators.

The Commissioner- General controls business under direc- tion of the President or the Vice-President. The term of office of the director and the auditor is lor three years. The managers and the investigators are given charge by the president, with the consent cf the board of directors. The managers, under direction of the president, control the business in departments. im Atmm^2:mi ■■■ TAIHOKU SEITO KABU- SHIKI KWAISHA.

The president calls the periodical general meeting.

211 first column, line 42 and page 370 second column, line 17 for the word " WATANO, KICHIjl RO " read "WATANO, KICHIJI". YAMAWAKI PRESIDENT OF SOSIETE COMMISSIONER-GENERAL DES EXPOSITIONS GOVERNMENT ORQANi ZATION OF THE IMPERIAL JAPANESE COMMISSION TO THE PANAMA- PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL EXPOSITION Article I. - one Commissioner-General one Commissioners Several Inspectors Several Clerks eleven Assistant Experts three Article III. In case of withdrawal or expulsion from the Society the money that was subscribed shall not be returned. The property of the Society consists of membership fees, property transmitted to it by the Anglo- Japanese Exhibi- tion Society, subsidies granted by the government and public VI bodies, donations from persons interested in the work of the Society and other extraordinary receipts. The fxscal year of the Society is identical with the calendar year. (The Bureau o J Finance, Formosan Government.) [^^i^'^i mmi TAIWAN SOTOKU - FU, SEMBAI KYOKU. {MMl^'Uf^M m M) TAIWAN SOTOKU - FU, SHOKUSAN KYOKU.

Societe des Expositions may establish branch offices or agencies, wherever it is thought necessary. The Special Exhibit Department shall cease to exist at the completion of business after closing of the San Francisco International Exposition. The Department appoints the following staff : President of the Department one Vice-President of the Department ... 263 Vlih The Department of Mines and Metallurgy 266 Metallurgy 266 XX TABLE OF CONTENTS PART III TOURIST'S ITINERARY PREUMINARY REMARKS 273-283 FAMOUS PLACES AND HISTORIC SITES 283—333 Index to Exhibitors 335 Advertisement 1 — 76 XXI f I ll ILLUSTRATIONS Cover Design : Yokohama Before Opened to Foreign Commerce, with Mt Fuji in Background. Prominent Officials in connection with the Exposition : Viscount Oura, President ; Baron Uriu, Vice-President ; Hon. Nikko Scenes : The Sacred Bridge ; The Yomei Shrine Gate ; The Kegon Water Fall ; Magnificent Cryptomeria Avenue 46 1 5 .

one Directors three Clerks several If necessary, the Department will designate men to assist m the business. The President of Societe des Expositions discharges the office of President of the Department. North-East of Japan : Godaido, Matsushima ; Kinkwa-zan 47 1 6. Tate, Etchu ; One of Coast Caves at Oyashirazu, Echigo ; The Coast of No, Etchu 54 1 7. N agano Scenes : The Usui Pass ; Karuizawa ; The Zenkoji Temple ; Mt. Kiso and the Neighbouring Scenes : A Unique Suspension Bridge over the River Kiso ; Yenkyo or • Monkey Bridge ; Ontake, Koshu ; The Upper Stream of the River Arakawa 71 22.

Article XIIL The Society appoints several advisors, who are nominated by the president. The funds necessary for the encouragement of pro- duction, as set forth in Article I, are collected from persons who are interested in, and support, the work of the bociety.

Regulations in respect to the collection of the funds above mentioned, and their management and use, and the disposition of surplus money, are to be established through the decision of the board of councillors. Regulations in respect to the management of the ex- hibits intended for exhibitions in foreign countries are to be established as each occasion demands, through the decision of the board of councillors.

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