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Beyond the 1% Illusion of the Five Senses Kabbalah teaches us that we live in two realities – the 1 Percent realm of the material world and the 99 Percent dimension beyond our five senses.

When we meet somebody we are interested in dating, we are immediately attracted to the 1 Percent, to what we see on the outside.

A true union will actually enhance and strengthen all of your other personal relationships as well as your relationship to the world, and in fact, increase the value of your quality of life in every aspect.6.

By using the 12 Steps To Lasting Love as a tool to create a lasting relationship, you can work towards creating the true union of love that you desire. Continuous Process Once you are in a relationship the real work begins!Asking how the two of you can make a difference together is a great place to start.5. We’re so in love that we can’t sleep, we can’t eat, we have to spend every waking moment with our significant other, which leads us to neglecting our friends and our hobbies. This is a sign that you are not engaging in a spiritual relationship.This kind of relationship does not last because it disconnects you from life.Kabbalah teaches that the moment we limit ourselves to such a list we close ourselves off to whatever the Light wants to give us.So throw out that list of what you think you want and need in a partner and relationship.

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